Wine Trail Map

The best part of the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail is the close proximity of the wineries. Not only are they an easy drive from one another, they’re close to many other historic sites, monuments and must see attractions.

# 1 Amazing Grace Vineyard
#2 Vesco Ridge Vineyard
#3 Elfs Farm Winery & ADK Hard Cider
#4 The Champlain Wine Company
#5 Everett Orchards
#6 Hid-In-Pines Vineyard
Wine Trail Map


Wine Trail

Nestled on the shores of Lake Champlain, on the edge of the Adirondack Mountains, lies a gem waiting to be explored. Officially established in 2013, the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail is the newest and most recently celebrated wine region in the United States.

Renowned for breathtaking scenery and warm hospitality, a burgeoning wine region has taken root in one of America’s first vacation destinations. Hardy cold-weather grapes create wine like nowhere else in the world. Nurtured by enthusiastic growers eager to bring forth the spirit of the Adirondacks, our grapes encompass perfectly balanced acidity, high sugar, and deep flavors provided by the unique Upstate New York climate.

Enjoy 33 miles of scenic wonder while visiting the six family owned farms, wineries, and cideries crafting great wines and ciders as rugged and bold as the mountains that surround them, yet as refreshing and inviting as the lake they rest upon. Forged from hard-work, guided by Mother Nature, supported through family and local pride, a tour of the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail is to experience a blossoming renaissance in progress.

Travel the trail and taste America’s newest wines, including the celebrated and expressive Marquette, our region’s masterpiece. Visit welcoming family-owned tasting rooms operated by vintners and cider makers proud to call the Adirondack Coast home. Enjoy a casual pace, farm-fresh food, friendly owners, and delicious wines and ciders patiently cultivated and lovingly shared.

Visit the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail today and taste for yourself the vibrancy of America’s newest wine region – we’re saving you a seat!