Amazing Grace Vineyard

In a beautiful barn in a quaint upstate town nestled in the scenic Adirondack Mountains lies the charming Amazing Grace Vineyard and Winery. Featuring the regions award-winning cold-hardy grapes, Amazing Grace Vineyard makes delightful red, blush, white, and fruit wines tempting to any palette.

Lovingly crafted during the short North Country growing season, Amazing Grace Vineyard’s wines are often named after the grandchildren of the vintners. From the semi-dry Grace’s Red to the wonderfully crisp, dry white Isaiah James, Amazing Grace Vineyard and Winery offers multiple options for visitors to enjoy. For those who favor fine dessert wines, Grace’s Sweet Apple is reminiscent of your favorite apple pie, and Mia’s Melody is a refreshingly sweet 100% maple wine, a unique specialty of the region.


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Amazing Grace Vineyard


With a Meal from the Bistro

Noted for its warmth and Adirondack hospitality, Amazing Grace Vineyard’s delightful bistro encourages guests to relax and enjoy a warm meal with a glass of their treasured new discovery. From soups to salads, sandwiches to specialty wine ice cream, visitors can enjoy a relaxed tasting experience.  A visit to Amazing Grace Vineyard and Winery is to savor the glorious abundance of the region while surrounded by the natural beauty that is the Adirondack Coast Wine Trail.