Elfs Farm Winery & ADK Hard Cider

Near the shores of Lake Champlain sits a winery and cider house with storied beginnings. Whether visitors believe it was named for mischievous elves that run amuck in the vineyard, or named after the vintner’s daughter to inspire her to return home, guests will leave knowing that Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House is a place where magic is made.

Known for hard ciders both dry and crisp, Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House crafts all their wines and ciders onsite. Using perennially popular Honeycrisp and Macintosh apples for some of the hard ciders, and burgeoning new favorites Marquette and Frontenac grapes for select wines, Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House gives visitors a range of flavors to enjoy from this Adirondack Coast Wine Trail gem.


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Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House


From the Ashes

Carefully attuned to the needs of the land in this unique North Country climate, Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House uses biodynamic techniques to nurture the soil for optimal health. The use of mineral-rich seaweed replenishes the earth and infuses their wines and hard ciders with a unique profile, and helps their cold hardy grapes and apples flourish.

This family farm first opened in 2007 but was then rebuilt following a 2011 fire. From the ashes rose a new tasting room; an inverted barn with a hand-laid penny hearth and cozy fireplace that surprises guests with a warm and welcoming ambiance. All who enter Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House will experience decadent beverages, good conversation and friendly faces in a place as wonderfully unique as its name.