Vesco Ridge Vineyards

To experience Vesco Ridge Vineyards is to discover another side of The Adirondack Coast. At Vesco Ridge Vineyards the beauty of the area is surpassed only by the warmth of the owners and the taste of their wines, delighting guests since 2010. With a mix of bold and refined flavors in white, rosé, and red, sweet to dry, Vesco Ridge Vineyards cultivates wines sure to inspire repeat visits. 

Having traveled the world’s wine regions, the Vesco Ridge vintners were inspired to create an authentically welcoming and approachable tasting room, filled with new friends, incredible wine, and great conversation. It is a place to appreciate and savor whatever wine titillates the palette while the owners regale guests with the story of each wine’s origin. The 14 varietals at Vesco Ridge Vineyards evolve each year, featuring the expressive Marquette and other cold hardy grapes that produce wine as unique as the region that bears them.


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Vesco Ridge Vineyards


Warm & Rustic

Experience how Vesco Ridge Vineyards successfully transforms their luscious grapes into other delicious treats, like the refreshing Vino Slush, a frozen wine delight. Linger and indulge in a wide array of wine-infused gourmet food options, from red wine jelly to bread and soups, all perfect for an afternoon picnic on our deck while you delight in the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Vesco Ridge Vineyards.